Monday, October 28, 2013

San Francisco: The Week 2013

This afternoon I have closed my office's door at the Center for Basque Studies, greeted Amaia, the newcomer ph.d student, and left with a smile in my face. Today it has been the first winter day, cold, windy, and snowy at the pass, word used by locals referring Sierra Nevada, natural border between Nevada and California. I have taken, at the campus, the Free Spirit, a almost free bus service. After paying 25 sweet cents, a helpful female driver has placed me, I was the only one, at the Silver Legacy Casino where I was meant to take Megabus to San Francisco. The driver, again a woman, one of these strong American workers women. All by herself, has managed to inspect travelers tickets as she was introducing an uncomfortable bus' cubicle around 80 baggages.
As expected, it was snowing in Sierra Nevada and the mountains had at least, 12 inches the white element. However, in less than three hours we were reaching Sacramento and its mild landscape, climate and inevitable jams. Even so, the width Californian Sky combined with Raquel Andueza soprano’s voice sounding in my headphones is an unbeatable experience.

In two hours I will arrive to San Francisco. Tomorrow will be the first day of an intense week. I booked  long time ago, my place for Kelly brothers' new book presentation.Tomorrow at 6:30pm at the Californian Commonwealth Club, the “CreativeConfidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All” will be unfolded by its writers. And I will be there. 

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